Could you pledge to become a plastic free business in 2019?

Plastic Free Streatham is a local organisation founded by two local residents with the aim to work with businesses, community groups and residents to reduce the amount of plastic we consume in the area.

Could you pledge to phase out one or more of the following items: Plastic bags, Plastic cups, Plastic cutlery / stirrers, Plastic straws, Plastic bottles or implement a zero-waste scheme such as a refill station or discount to customers bringing reusable cup, plastic free products / customers own containers accepted?

You might consider replacing plastic items with alternatives products but it might not be necessary. In fact, we want to encourage Streatham residents to use their own bags when shopping, bring their own reusable cups rather than a take away one, refuse straws, etc. This means that going plastic free should not cost you more, quite the reverse!

We are all aware of the dramatic levels of plastic pollution and how damaging it is to the natural world. It has reached a crisis point and we all need to take action!

If you are already plastic free, get in touch with Plastic Free Streatham and you will be awarded a Plastic Free Status and given a certificate to display in your shop.

Plastic Free Streatham will publish a mini guide of all eco friendly businesses in the July issue of the Heart Magazine  and hopes to  have a regular column in the magazine too. All businesses, plastic free or pledging to be, will be mentioned and added to the database on the website.

If you want to join the movement or have any questions/suggestions, please contact the team at or 07818405778;, Twitter: @EcoStreatham. Also on Facebook and Instagram.

Small actions taken by many people can lead to big changes!