Filling The Voids

Have you spotted which famous Streatham celebrity is gracing the front of Angara?

​Over the next few months local architects and designers from Beep Studio will be unleashing their creativity on Streatham High Road’s vacant shops and creating a number of bespoke artworks to address some of the long term voids on the high street.

This campaign celebrating famous Streatham residents including Cynthia Payne, Ken Livingstone, Samuel Johnson, Naomi Campbell, Roger Moore and Peter Davidson will become part of a trail which we hope residents and visitors will enjoy over the Summer of 2014.

The campaign is designed to re-ignite these empty spaces and improve conditions for businesses trading around them and to get people exploring and enjoying our thriving high road.

Think infamous Vivienne Westwood heel and you’re on your way to spotting our first Streatham celebrity.. 

So keep your eyes peeled and get ready to share what you see on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (#fillingthevoids)!